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Attached is information for training that is occuring this summer.  The first attachment is our Summer swimming training plan.  We will begin on June 15 at 7:00am.  The swimming portion of our training will be held on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s until July 23rd.  This is a great way for the team to stay connected and get a few days of quality training each week.  Please see the attached for eligibility & cost details. 

In addition, for eligible athletes, every Monday at 9:00am we have secured team training at Crossfit Generation.  This session is $5.00 for all team members. (please have swimmers or divers plan to attend this session).  Additionally, Crossfit Generation has classes that we may attend.  Attachment #2 contains all the information about the additional training being offered to our athletes. 


Registration and payment must be completed before attendance at any of the training sessions. Registration will only be accepted online at the following address:  




I hope everyone has a great summer and we are already looking forward to 2015-16 season.

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