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Welcome to HHAA Swimming & Diving!

Attached below are three documents, one containing information regarding Division and League Championship Meets, a HHAA athlete Champs Registration Form, and a SAL League ("A") Champs information document. 

NOTE: ALL HHAA athletes must complete and submit a form, even if they are not attending either meet!!  Forms are due no later than Friday, January 23!!

Do you need some extra advertising for your business?  Want to give your "A" champs swimmer additional encouragement and recognition?  Consider placing an ad in the SAL League Champs program.  The application and information are attached below.  You can also go to the league website for further information, www.suburbanaquatic.org.

Good luck HHAA athletes!!

Attached below please find the HHAA January 2015 practice calendar (updated 01/21/15).  Please note updated meet information, the pre-team meet on 01/14, the parent meeting on 01/21, and the practice time change on 01/22.  Thanks.


Attached below are both the North Division SAL dual meet schedule, as well as the HHAA dual meet schedule, including times and locations.  The HHAA schedule includes diving, but for ease there is also a separate diving schedule attached.

Please remember that additional information is always available at the SAL website as well, www.suburbanaquatic.org.

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