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An advanced summer swimming training clinic is being offered starting June 16.  All swimmers must register and pay ONLINE!  Please login to the website to register for this clinic.  Please see the document attached below for more detailed information.


In order for your swimmer to attend, a parent/guardian must complete the waiver & consent form below.  By typing your name and submitting this form, you are signing the consent and waiver detailed below.  You must also register your swimmer after logging onto the website through the Family Login area, and choosing the Register for Meets/Clinics button.


As the parent and/or legal guardian of the child/children named below, I have read the practice policies, I have discussed them with my child/children and give my full consent and approval for my child/children to participate. I understand there are certain risks of injury inherent in the practice and competition of swimming and in other related activities incidental to my child’s participation and I am willing to assume these risks on behalf of my child. I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in the aquatic association and has no physical or mental disabilities that would restrict full participation in these activities, except as listed below.

In addition to giving my full consent for my child’s participation, I do hereby waive, release and hold harmless Hatboro Horsham Aquatic Association as well as Hatboro-Horsham School District, it’s officers, coaches, sponsors, supervisors, and representatives for any injury that may be suffered by my child in the normal course of participation in the swim team and the activities thereto, resulting from any cause.

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